Public awareness is an integral part of the Alternatives Analysis Project. Everyone is welcome to get on board to spread the news about this Major Transit Investment Study for Tucson.

In order to help you be part of TRANSIT ON THE MOVE, and spread the word to your neighbors, organizations, and fellow commuters, we are making many of the materials that have been presented at public events and Community Liaison Group meetings available for personal accessibility and downloading.

The documents listed below are available for you to open and download to your computer or storage device. Please feel free to print these documents and use them for your personal use to inform those you know about this potential transit solution to connect major activity centers in the central core of the City.


Tucson Urban Corridor Environmental Assessment Report, August 2008
Tucson Urban Corridor Environmental Assessment Report Appendices, August 2008
Tucson Urban Corridor Draft Environmental Assessment Report, 1-18-2008
Tucson Urban Corridor Draft Environmental Assessment Report Appendices, 1-18-2008
Historical & Cultural Resource Impact Assessment, 9-25-2007
Final Report, 5-26-2006
Executive Summary – Final Report, 5-26-2006
Appendices – Final Report, 5-26-2006
Tier 2 Report, 1-13-2006
Executive Summary – Tier 2 Report, 1-13-2006
Appendices – Tier 2 Report, 1-13-2006
UA Bus Interface Report, 8-4-2005
Tier 1 Report, 4-12-2005
Scoping Information Report, 1-27-05 – Spanish
Scoping Information Report, 1-27-05 – English
Evaluation Methodology, 10-22-2004
Purpose and Need, 10-22-2004
Data Collection and Potential Alignments/Technologies, 9-28-2004
Public Involvement Plan – Phase I
Appendix A : Appendix B : Appendix C : Appendix D : Appendix E :
Appendix F : Appendix G : Appendix H : Appendix I : Appendix J :
Appendix K : Appendix L

Maps / Boards

Revised Alignment, 3-19-07
CLG Aerial Alignments Handouts, 2-28-07
Revised Alignment Alternative, 11-16-06
Locally Preferred Alternative
Modern Streetcar vs. Light Rail
Tier 2 Transit Alignments
Tier 1 Transit Alignments
Potential Transit Alignments
Study Area


CLG Presentation, 11-1-07
TOD Workshop #2 Presentation, 10-23-2007
CLG Presentation, 6-27-07
Downtown Tucson Development, 6-21-07
TOD Workshop#1 Presentation, University Stations Areas, 5-22-07
TOD Workshop#1 Presentation, 4th Avenue Station Areas, 5-23-07
Mayor & Council, 3-27-07
CLG Presentation, 2-28-07
CLG Project Update, 11-9-06
TOD Presentation to APWA, 5-18-06
TOD Presentation to APWA – Transcript, 5-18-06
TOD Workshop, 1-24-06
Transcript of TOD Workshop Presentation, 1-24-06
Tucson City Council Meeting, 1-18-06
Tucson City Council Meeting Minutes, 1-18-06
CLG Tier 2 Presentation, 10-6-05
Transit On-Board Survey Results Presentation, 5-18-05
CLG Tier 1 Presentation, 3-29-05
UA Open House Presentation of PSU Video Interview Clips, 3-21-05
UA Open House Presentation with Video, 3-21-05
UA Open House Presentation, 3-21-05
TAC Tier 1 Evaluation, 3-3-05
CLG TOD Presentation, 1-13-05
CLG Project Update, 1-13-05
CLG Project Overview, 11-4-04

Other Items

City of Vancouver Downtown Streetcar
Conceptual Drawings, 7-12-07
Portland and Other Streetcar Videos
Conceptual Drawings, 6-27-07
Project Brochure, 2007
Modern Streetcar Maintenance Facility Renderings
Community Liaison Group Member List
On-Board Survey Questionnaire
FTA Project Development Process Flowchart
Alternatives Evaluation Process Flowchart
List of Acronyms
Memorandum of Understanding between UA and the City of Tucson
Notice of Intent – Issued by the Federal Transit Administration, 1-19-05
Mission Statement
Project Brochure, 2005
Partnering Workshop Participants Report
Partnering Workshop Participants List