A Lifestyle Supported by Transit

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) accommodates transit riders, pedestrians, and bicyclists by creating compact, urban areas that are vibrant and inviting. This type of development brings…

  • Walkable streets
  • Improved access to transit
  • New development that ‘fits’ with existing neighborhoods and businesses
  • An emphasis on neighborhoods, businesses, and historic preservation
  • Creation of, and access to, special places
  • Sustainability – cleaner air and a general improvement in livability

The Potential for TOD

Tucson’s new modern streetcar system will serve central Tucson, including Downtown, 4th Avenue, The University of Arizona, and the Arizona Health Sciences Center. The streetcar will stimulate unique and exciting opportunities for preservation, redevelopment, and new development.


On properties where existing buildings do not capitalize on the site’s full potential, TOD can encourage a sustainable mix of new and expanded uses that increase the value and lifespan of properties, augment useable space, and add unique uses like small living quarters or artist studio space.


Some station areas feature properties or districts that have valued historic or cultural character. The TOD opportunities assessment will provide a realistic analysis of such properties’ economic and cultural value, identify areas that should not be redeveloped, and help determine how preservation goals can be realized.

New Development

Keystone projects are a major goal of new development in TOD areas. These projects may sit on vacant parcels and serve as an anchor that stimulates area-wide improvements. TOD analysis focuses on market potential and the appropriateness of new development for the area in which it is planned.

Our Streetcar and TOD

Tucson’s modern streetcar will bring with it great potential for TOD – creating community areas that could include retail, commercial, artistic, non-profit, and office and living spaces that are compact and rely heavily on transit systems for mobility. A reduction in need for an automobile and parking in these areas will lead to a dramatically different lifestyle that provides improved access to business, shopping, services, and entertainment.

Forthcoming workshops will explore the incredible potential that the modern streetcar will bring to central Tucson. Local and national TOD experts will look at how the streetcar can help build on the unique and vibrant character of our local community in areas along the streetcar route, by evaluating opportunities for new development, redevelopment of existing properties and places where preservation is the best approach. These experts will study demographic, employment, and real estate data, and discuss public policy options and market trends in Tucson. At several key stations, site-specific analysis will occur to estimate levels of market support for various development types.