Public Open Houses

As a part of the City’s outreach campaign, the team sought the public’s input to improve Tucson’s transportation future. Three public open houses have been held along with displays at multiple transportation related public open houses, to present study background, transit technologies and alignments and the progression of the study effort. Area residents, property owners and business representatives were encouraged to attend. Open houses were opportunities to meet and talk with the people investigating and recommending alternative transit solutions for the city of Tucson. The team welcomed ideas, views and the opportunity to answer any questions or concerns.

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Media Coverage

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Other Streetcars

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On-Board Survey

As part of the Phase I Alternatives Analysis study, an on-board survey was conducted by 1 to 1 Direct Data Collection and Teleservices, from October 14, 2005 through October 29, 2005, on Sun Tran, Cat Tran, and TICET buses. 1 to 1 Direct’s surveyors were identified by name badges and were stationed on the buses and transit centers.

Every rider’s opinion counted so surveyors distributed questionnaires to each passenger. Passengers were requested to answer the questionnaire during their trip. Return drop boxes were placed at bus exits but if passengers were unable to complete their questionnaire while on the bus, postage was provided for later mailing.

The purpose of the questionnaire was to obtain a statistically significant number of observations on all transit service providers related to rider travel characteristics to help explain why people ride transit in the study area. Questions about the trip purpose, travel time period, mode of access and socio-economic indicators were designed to obtain data to be used to determine passenger’s riding habits, patterns and linkages between the university campus and the community as well as provide the bus services with knowledge of patrons desires for future operations.

Tucsonans recognized the importance of the survey and showed their support for this process with a high response rate. Because of the outstanding results, Tucson is being recognized by the FTA as the leader in Origin Destination surveys.

At every level of evaluation, the survey results exceeded expectations. A goal of 2,875 valid surveys was set based on the expected response rate of 18% for most routes. Upon completion, a total of 5,197 valid surveys were completed, and the actual overall response rate was 27% of all surveyed riders. The high response rate means the survey’s statistical accuracy exceeded the original goal. Overall, the results of the survey are accurate at a 95% confidence level with a +/- 1.4% margin of error, which is very high considering that Tucson transit has a very high transfer rate.

The survey revealed that, in some areas, Tucsonans differ in their transit habits when compared to riders in other cities. For example, they walk further to transit boarding and deboarding points, and they tend to rely more on monthly bus passes. However, gender results (the percentage of riders who are men versus women) and income levels among Tucson transit riders are typical when compared to riders in other cities.

This survey provided information that was critical to updating the travel forecasting model and was used in the Tier II evaluation portion of the study.